There's Always Hope

Two lovely children are homeless
With no where to live or go
Their parents have left them
Oh, what a terrible blow
Family doesn't want them
They feel so all alone
The welfare has stepped in
Their fears are now full blown
But a good Christian family
Hears of the girls plight
They ask God for guidance
They've decided to fight
These children are a gift from God
We'll love them and find a  way
The judge is in agreement
He say's "Take them home today"
God is always  the answer
So don't be afraid to ask
There is nothing too big for him
He can handle any task
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 3-08-04
Dede's Note:
There are literally hundreds of children out
there waiting for a good home.
Won't you please consider being a foster parent
today, or better yet, can you find it in your
heart to be an adoptive parent?
The rewards are overwhelming.
*Your cup will runneth over*



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