My Cluttered Desk

My desk was so cluttered
I really could not see
Many of the things
That belonged to me
There were stories galore
All stacked together
Some about God, angels
And even about the weather
There were e-mail address'
some to save, some to be deleted
There was so much stuff
Much of it was repeated
There were papers every where
Four to six inches high
My hubby would just smile
Because he's quite a guy
The papers contained url's
Stories, poems and all
Some to be saved and some
were notes from people
I needed to call
Oh, what a mess it was
There were  notes everywhere
Finally I knew I must
Clean up this mess, with care
The last time it took days
Adding graphics and midis to my book
Filing away all my stories
This desk will have a new look
I've been at it for days now
And I've made a small dent
It's looking much better though
My hubby is wondering
Where it all went
Cleaning off this desk is never done
I print off to save nice things
Then I stack them so very high
Why do I save all my writings?
I'm hoping & praying that someday
They'll all be read one by one
It will be such a blessing
And hopefully they'll say
"Oh, what fun!"
I used to think, neatness counts
But, what do I know?
The more I file away
The taller the piles grow
And then I start all over again!
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 3-08-04

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