"Dede's Walk With God"

"The meek will He guide in judgment:
and the meek will He teach his way."
~Psalms 25:9~
Dear Heavenly Father, when I have
failed through my own lack of wisdom,
help me to rely on Your unfaltering
love and power.  Amen.



Jordan is only 4 yrs. old and already has the faith of an angel. She knows so much about heaven and the life beyond death. Just ask her and she is willing to talk all about it.

Today Dick & I made one of our trips to Madison, Wisc. to have an MRI & an echocardiogram done again and he had to see one of his cardiologists. As we were waiting in the waiting room of the cardiologist, another couple sat there, the woman quietly crocheting and the man would smile.

We started talking and I told them about my Christian site and all about Dick's miracle surgery in 2002 and how we considered this such a blessing of God. Bill started telling us he was there because he had had a recent triple by-pass and a few years ago his sister had donated a kidney for him that turned out to be a perfect match. He was telling us how he felt that God had truly blessed their lives also.

Shortly after going home from having the by-pass Bill heard Jordan screaming something about her being too hot and she was in the tub. Bill ran to pull her out of the tub and he tore apart much of what had been done on him during the by-pass. He lay on the bed holding his Bible on his chest to stop the bleeding. His wife Darcy knew nothing about this until he was in a dire situation the next morning, (I believe), if I understood right. He did not want to worry her. Bill knows it is a miracle he is even alive, and he and his lovely wife Darcy are so very thankful.

Darcy's mom passed away a few years back and Darcy & Bill's daughter Amy wanted a baby so bad. She told her mom that now that her grandma was gone she wanted a baby. Now was the time to try to get pregnant. It seemed that Amy & her grandma, (Elvira), must have been very close.

When the baby was born, her mommy called her Jordan. She had her little legs crossed all the time, just like her great grandma Elvira did. There were so many other similarities also but the one thing that really blew them away was Jordan talks much about how she knows her great grandma, Elvira. She knows where she used to live, and so much more, and keep in mind the great grandma died before Jordan was even born.

I have heard that when a life is taken God gives another blessing. Is Jordan a true blessing from God? Her family thinks so and so do we. All children are a true gift of God but little Jordan has such a great deal knowledge of heaven and of her great grandma. Where did this little girl get all this knowledge? She could only have gotten it first hand and we feel it came straight from her great grandma Elvira, whom little Jordan claims to know so well.

There is no doubt in our mind that God chose this special little angel to witness to the world of life beyond death and so much more. When you run into one of *God's Precious Chosen Ones*, pay close attention as they have a story to tell. One that will bless you always & forever.

Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 6-22-05

I am dedicating this page to Jordan and her
grandparents who told this story to us.
Thanks Bill & Darcy for this wonderful story.







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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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