"Dede's Walk With God"

"The Missing Name"

I sat beside the River Jordan
In a dream I had last night
I could see the jasper walls of Heaven
Bathed in a shimmering light

Awestruck by the incredible beauty
I yearned for a closer view
Warmed by a sun that never set
I'd never seen a sky so blue

I'd heard of Heaven all my life
Yet it never seemed quite real
Living by faith was fine for some
But show me evidence I could feel

I felt a hand upon my shoulder
A sweet aroma filled the air
I turned and gasped in total amazement
And I couldn't help but stare

His eyes were filled with peace and love
His countenance, gentle and sweet
He took my hand, so full of strength
And helped me to my feet

In a voice as gentle as falling snow
Yet he spoke with authority
"I see you're looking at my Father's house,
Would you like to walk there with me?"

To think the Holy Lamb of God
Would actually take the time
To allow me to accompany him
And match his steps to mine

I could hear the choir of angels singing
Praises unto the Lamb
Voices in unison, proudly proclaiming
"He is the Great...I Am"

I trembled with anticipation
As the gates swung open wide
Angels lined the streets of gold
Kneeling side by side

They each stayed kneeling, till we would pass
Then gracefully began to rise
Soaring on glistening, gossamer wings
Towards the eastern skies

"Those are escort angels", Jesus said
As I turned and watched their flight
"They accompany my children who are coming home,
Morning, noon and night."

"Over there to your left", he went on to say
"Are the angels of comfort and hope.
They bring rest to the weary, peace for their souls,
And give them the strength to cope."

"The angels to your right, that are dressed in armor,
Are at war with the prince of the air.
They battle the enemy on your behalf,
When you're probably not even aware."

"I never realized the different duties,
That angels undertook."
Jesus stopped and quietly said
"You'd know if you had read my book."

I stood there ashamed with my head held down
But looked up at the sound of my name
To my surprise, it was my friend Jimmy
He was different...yet somehow the same

Unspeakable joy showed on his face
Gone were the lines of his pain
His smile was radiant, his eyes were shining
Like the sun shining through the rain

"How marvelous! Oh, how wonderful!"
He exclaimed, as he shook my hand
"Thank the Lord, I chose the only true path,
To this beautiful, bright promised land."

"The decision I made, put my name in the book,
And forever I'll gladly rejoice.
For his promise was true, he prepared me a home,
I'm so happy I made the right choice."

He humbly bowed at Jesus' feet
To show his love and devotion
Then upward he seemed to glide away
In a graceful, fluid motion

"What book is he talking about?"
I questioned of the Lord
He gestured towards some steps far away
And at the top was a bright, flaming sword

The book Jimmy mentioned, was on a table
That was made of ivory and gold
It was larger than anything I could imagine
And far too heavy to hold

I turned the pages slowly
Scanning them left and right
I was almost halfway through it
As I felt my chest grow tight

I recognized Grandma and Grandpa's name
Jimmy's and so many more
But no matter how long and hard I searched
I couldn't find what I was looking for

"My name's missing...I don't understand,
Is there another book I can see?
I'm a good person...I've gone to church,
Surely there's room here for me?"

"I've never committed a terrible crime,
I've given to a few charities.
I read my Bible every once in awhile,
When I pray...I get on my knees."

With chilling finality, Jesus closed the book
"I'm sorry, but there is so much more.
All the good deeds won't gain you a crown,
If you don't go through the right door."

"You needed to truly believe IN me,
And accept me into your heart.
Knowing OF me simply isn't enough,
And sadly now...we must part."

"My blood won't cover a missing name,
So eternity will be different for you.
I gave my life to spare you from this,
But now...there's nothing more I can do."

Reality hit with a crushing blow
His words cut quick and deep
My voice crying out for a second chance
Woke me from my sleep

Relief and gratitude filled my soul
For God's mercy and His compassion
He had revealed to me, what could have been
By continuing to reject Him

Never again do I want to be
On the sidelines and not really living
And with God's help, I'll always make sure
My name won't be one...that is missing

Author:  Merissa Lee Kelley Rowena

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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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