Looking Back

I remember working together
at the factory.
You were the boss there
And I was the boss at home.

I remember our first real home
Our twenty by twenty cottage
No indoor plumbing and
Not much room to wander

I remember our lil' outhouse
It served the purpose
We were so in love
We felt we had everything.

I remember the love notes
We always passed , in
lunchboxes, at work
And even on the toilet paper.

I remember being in LOVE
That was 31 yrs. ago HONEY
And I can honestly say
I LOVE YOU even MORE today.
*Happy Anniversary My Darling*
Author: Delilah M. Haas

*My Husband-My life*
Take me in your strong arms,
Hold me close and love me,
Tell me of my many charms.

Tell me I am the love of your life,
See me respond with a gentle smile,
I'll always be the very best wife.

There has always been a special,
Need that we feel for each other,
And then there is our bond of trust
That we have placed in each other.

There's always been a special,
Kind of love that we share,
You do so many special things for
Me, simply because you care.

The love I feel for you,
Grows stronger day by day,
You never have to worry, my love
What I feel for you will never stray.

I love you, my darling husband,
You have made my world complete.
Some days our marriage was a challenge,
But keeping it strong was never a feat.

There were days when ,
I expressed some sorrow.
And your loving eyes said,
It will be better tomorrow.

There were many times when,
We had to be apart,
But I promise you,
You never left my mind or heart.

I thank God for you everyday,
I owe you my deepest respect,
You have been a very loving husband,
On this I will always reflect.

I am yours for an eternity,
The time I'll gladly spend with you,
My love, to you, I'll always be-
Forever True!
Author: Delilah M. Haas
Copyright: 2-13-02

Authors Note: This page is dedicated to,
my wonderful, loving husband, of 31 yrs.

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