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... as ye know what manner of men we were
among you for your sake. And ye become
followers of us...
1 Thessalonians 1:5-6

How Children Imitate

Children hate to listen to their elders but they sure do imitate their actions.

A very devote Christian grandma who was very faithful to read her Bible and her Daily Devotions, wanted this
practice to be an on-going family tradition. After reading her Bible and devotions daily, she prayed long and hard that her faith would touch the rest of her family. She even prayed for all in the world daily.

She had a puppy that loved her attention and every time she would settle in to read, her puppy would come close and want to cuddle or to get some attention with her toys. The grandma decided to put her puppy on her leash and hook her to the bed post, having her lie in her own puppy bed. This worked quite well and became a ritual, while grandma was able to continue on with her Bible reading and devotions without interruption.

One of her daughters saw how well this worked and she used this method of discipline for her puppy while she read her magazines. Then a grandchild picked up on this same idea while talking on her cell phone and playing on her computer.

It's funny how the grandma was so set on having a family tradition of her daily Bible reading and her Daily Devotions but the family picked up on the dog tying ritual instead. When we fail to explain to our children what is important to us the translation is lost.
How Sad!

Children then follow blindly the things that have no real meaning. Be sure you talk to your family so the right traditions are passed on for the glory of God!
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright 3-02-06





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