"Dede's Walk With God"


The Tree's Up In The Attic
"The tree's up in the attic, Mom, it's wrapped
and tightly bound. If you want, I'll help you
get it , and bring it down." "No she said.
"that was your father's job before he died."
"But, Mom, it's been almost three years and
you've not even tried."
"You haven't had a Christmas tree since daddy
passed away, and I think it's time you put
your tree up for display." "Maybe this year I
will do it, then she smiled at me. But, I don't
think today I feel like messing with a tree."
Three weeks until Christmas, as I sat there at
my mother's , sipping tea and talking of
my children and my brother's. She preferred to
live alone after my dad's death, because she
said, she never would become somebody's pest.
So we chatted and enjoyed each other's
company. I told her, " Mom, the kids ask every
year about your tree." "They ask why grandma
doesn't like to put it up and trim , so I  just told
them, next time you ask her, you explain to
She just smiled and said, " You tell them I
don't need a tree. Santa comes only to 
children, he won't come to me." We laughed
and then I had to leave. I had not made a case.
She said, "I'll put a little one upon the
On Christmas Day, since Daddy died, we all
went to my mother's. But it was not a happy
time, not like the many others. We would take
some things to her, our presents and some
food. She wanted to keep it simple, she never
was in the mood.
But this year as we reached her door, the
children started saying, "Mom, there's
something different, we hear Christmas music
playing." I knocked and opened up the door,
completely mesmerized. I just could not
believe the scene stretched before my eyes.
Christmas music playing loudly, and smells that
filled the air. A Christmas dinner cooking and
the tree was sitting there. Fully trimmed
lighted up, like never it had been. A roaring 
fire and all the room with decorated trim.
Presents underneath the tree and presents all
around. I just stood there looking and I
couldn't make a sound. Stockings hanging by
the fire, so full and each a name, I wondered
what had happened, did my mother go insane?
She came out of the kitchen, with a smile
across her face. "Well." she said, "what do you
think of grandma's Christmas place?" The kids
were all excited as they ran to see the tree.
Then, she sat me down and said, "There's
something you must see."
"I went up to the attic after you left here last
time . Just to look in it , to see what I
could find." "I saw the Christmas tree wrapped
up, but much to my surprise, I also found the
gifts your dad had bought before he died."
Around her neck  she had a locket, I had never
seen. She said, "Here, read this Christmas
card, you'll see just what I mean."
I opened up the Christmas card and it was
from my dad. I started getting teary eyed and
started feeling sad. The card was really
beautiful and he had done some writing. It
was really eerie, but was also so exciting.
"Merry Christmas, sweetheart," he had written
to my mother, "You know I love this holiday
much more thank any other,"
"I know this may be sad, but this may be our
last on earth. But we both know we have
lived it for all that it's worth. We both know
that I am ill and may not have much time, But
the time we've had together was so very fine."
"I love you so much, sweetheart, and I know
this will be hard, so I put this letter
inside of your Christmas card. I am not
afraid to die for we've had many years. But,
the thought of leaving you has caused me many
"You are my source of living and your love has
made me whole. Your love has penetrated even
to my very soul. That is why I know,
sweetheart, I am the first to go. But we again
will be together, that much I do know."
"A love like ours cannot die out, it is too very
strong. I will be the first to leave, but you will
come  along. One day we will be happier than
we've ever been. I love you wife, and lover,
and dearest, dearest friend."
"But, sweetheart, please be happy. It will be a
 little while before I once again can see your
glowing, gentle smile. One day we will look
back on this and hold each other tight and
never have to look again into the darkest
"I've given you this locket and our pictures
are within, with smiling faces just the way
that it has always been. Christmas at our
house was always such a great affair, with all
our loved ones sharing happiness while
gathered there."
"These pictures are from Christmas' past, that
show our happiness. And now it will be
different, but I have one final wish. It was
the best time of the year and I will still be
there. Remember this, and open up this locket
that you wear."
"Enjoy the friends and family, and the festive
joyous ring. Just share the love that we have
known, and never change a thing. Remember
that this happiness will take you through the
years. And when I hold you once again, I'll
wipe away those tears."
I closed the card and wiped my eyes and took
a little while. Then, when I looked at mother, I
could only see her smile. "This was his favorite
holiday, " my mom said again, and I will
make it happy, until I'm with him again."




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