"Dede's Walk With God"

She was born a preemie
on 9-15-1986
The mother could not care for her
Her life had so much to be fixed.
She would be eighteen now
Oh, how we miss this young lady
She was only three months old
When she came to us as a baby
She had many a problem
So many to overcome
We held her close to our heart
She'd know where the love was from
Her mother was so very young
But alcohol was her whole life
She was single and alone
She'd never been anyone's wife
Mommy came to visit the baby often
It was so obvious that she loved her
She asked us to be the Godparents
But her whole life was such a blur
We accepted and waited to see
What would happen next
She had the baby home for a few weeks
And things got so complex
There was this short visit
With Mommy, to see how it would go
But Mommy gave up, chose the alcohol
The worker came back with the baby in tow
A few months went by all too fast
With Mommy visiting often
We came to love the Mommy like a daughter
She played with the baby, had so much fun
Before she left, one sad day
She asked if we'd adopt her little baby
She realized this was one job
She just could not do, no maybes
We said, "Yes", just elated
Our dreams were about to come true
But the Indian Child Welfare Act
Was about to make us so blue
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome was a big problem
She remained, oh, so small
Teaching her was such a joy
At one year she weighed 14.2 was all
A few months went by
These were happy days for us
But then our world fell apart
Oh, Dear God, who can we trust?
The doorbell rang one day
The worker said I should sit down
I tried to ask, What was wrong
As on her face was a big frown
She gave us the sad news
The Mommy was found dead
Acute Alcoholism had taken it's toll
The baby would be leaving, the worker said
Our world was falling apart
We must have shed buckets of tears
We never expected to lose her
This was one of our biggest fears
The years have gone by
Shylow remains so much of us, a part
She will always be here with us
With a very special place in our hearts
We would give so much
To see you again, Shylow
We love you with all our heart
And losing you was such a blow.
Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
We heard from Shylow when she turned twenty
This was one of the happiest days of our lives.
She is happy and healthy, and has a wonderful
family.... This is all we needed to know.
May God Bless & Guide them always!




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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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