"Dede's Walk With God"


One Day At A Time
Daily I see you go down hill
As your body continues to deteriorate
The doctors don't express much hope
I know that sometimes it's hard to cope
I see you struggle daily
To be the man you once were
You don't need to do it for me
I love you just the way you are
You try so hard to do things
That you no longer can do
This upsets you so emotionally
Then I see the anger come through
You struggle to understand
The frailty of your being
Yet, you keep on trying so hard
My heart for you, is just aching
You've had a hard time adjusting
To all the changes that have come
But, you daily thank our Loving Savior
For each day you can talk to the Son
 Delilah H. (Dede) Haas
9-13 07






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           "Dede's Walk With God"


One Day At A Time


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