"Dede's Walk With God"

We made a commitment
I know that is true
But, dear sweet child
We have done all we can do
You say you hate rules
About guidance, you don't care
You want to make your own decisions
And for others to beware

You are angry inside
This, I so understand
We've cared for and loved you
As we've held your hand
The choices you make
Scare me to death
Some days I wonder, will you
 Live to draw another breath

I'd rather give you up
Than have you found dead
You've closed your ears
To all the adults have said
You're only fourteen
But you act thirty-five
With the choices you make
How long will you be alive

You want to shut out the world
And run the streets all night
While all we can do is pray
That you come home tonight
You live in a fairy-tale world
One that no one can reach
You have your heart and ears closed
So no one can touch or teach

You fly from here to there
Seeking love and approval always
You'll grab at it, no matter
What comes along with it
My heart reaches out to you
It is pushed far, far away
You see only black and white
Your world has no room for the grey

Negative attention is what you seek
No matter where you find it
I am scared for you, my child
As positive, does not work one bit
Now we must let you go
While they send you away
To a more structured place
So your whole life won't go astray

What a shame to lose you
Our love will always be there
You were another special daughter
And will always be in our prayers
Dear God, please guide her
We give this BIG job to You
You alone can handle it
There's nothing else we can do

Hold her and comfort her
As You guide her ways
Show her Your great strength
As she goes about her days
She is in Your hands now Lord
The best place she can be
Guide her into adulthood, Lord
Then she can be set free

To make her own choices
Like she's always wanted to
Hopefully one day, she
Will dedicate her life to You.

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
I dedicate this to all young girls
who need love and guidance in their lives.
May God be your choice!

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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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