"A Woman Of Faith"


I can't remember a time in my life
When we didn't have hardships and strife
As I grew into an adolescent
And accepted Jesus as my Savior
So much in my life has changed
My thoughts and my behavior
I looked at things much differently
Than most people around me did
But I loved them unconditionally
And many of my  feelings were hid
As I grew into a mature woman
And friends weren't always there
I knew I could always count on Jesus
He would always care
Now I want all my loved ones
To know what Jesus has done for us
Their lives don't have to be in chaos
They don't have to argue and fuss
Jesus is the only answer
The only one you can ever trust
If you want His Eternal Life
Trusting in Him is an absolute must
Don't throw your life away
He has already paid the price
He died to save us from ourselves
This is mighty good advice
Ask Jesus to be your Loving Savior
Don't wait, ask Him today
He loves us all unconditionally
Get on your knees and pray
Will you pass up this chance
To be with God, one day
Not me, not on your life
Hope to see you there, I pray
Author: Delilah M. Haas


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