The Perfect Daughter
I know there is no such thing
As a perfect daughter
But some come so close
In your heart there comes a stir
Although we only see one another
Sometimes not for months or years
You will always have a special
Place in my heart, never fear
My love for you is ever
So very lasting and strong
There are times when I
Think of you all   day long
Your kindness, love and
Compassion are so very apparent
You are definitely one of a kind
Every word here is well meant
If I could pick and choose
A daughter to hold and love
I'd do it all over again
You are definitely a *Gift From Above*
I Love You (All Three)
With All My Heart & Soul.
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 3-04-2004
I'd like to dedicate this page to my
three beautiful daughters.
(inside and out)
Christy, Melanie & Julie



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