Karen, Our Angel
A True But Unexplainable Story

Today Dick and I experienced a *happening* like never before.
It made me cry tears of joy and we both appeared to be in a state
of momentary shock, as this type of thing does not happen every day.
It started out as a pretty normal day. Dick took the children to 
school, then we headed for the eye specialists office where Dick was to 
have a complete eye exam pending an upcoming cataract surgery.
While he was being examined I told him maybe we should do a 
lunch date since we now had a few times alone to quietly discuss a 
few things that we needed to talk about away from the ears of the
children. He agreed and asked me where I wanted to go. I told
him Bishops Buffet would be nice as it has a great atmosphere and 
there is a great variety of good foods there. 
When we arrived we got our trays of food and went to sit about two 
tables away from the cashier. There was a long table near us that had 
seven older ladies seated at it and one younger lady. I took one look 
and couldn't believe my eyes. The younger lady looked almost identical 
to  a very dear friend who has passed away five weeks earlier. I said
to Dick, "Look Honey, that young lady looks just like Karen.
He couldn't see her as one of the older ladies was blocking his view.
Karen was a beautiful vibrant young lady that Dick and I   both 
loved with all our heart and soul. We prayed she would one day  be 
our sister-in-law, but God had other plans for that. He gave us 
another beautiful lady to fill that job. Karen made friends where ever 
she came in contact with people. She had a perpetual smile that just 
glowed. Everybody loved her!
Karen had endured a rough life and still had the ability to smile 
all the time. People were drawn to her like a magnet. She had 
many hip surgeries so was hospitalized many times. There was much 
pain in her life, but she still smiled.
She told me in confidence at a family wedding a couple years ago 
that her husband had walked out on her. We hugged as she cried. 
Now, about the end of June -2003 , we were told by a family  
member that Karen has developed a brain tumor and is terminal. 
We are devastated and wanted to spend time with her but are told she 
is not having company, which is perfectly understandable. So we 
prayed for her instead.
God had other plans, He took Karen Home to be with him on 
July21, 2003. We went to her funeral service and it was like 
standing room only in this huge church. She wanted a colorful 
celebration of her life and no tears but that was not to happen. The 
mass for her was a celebration of her life but there were many tears. 
As we left her funeral and were about to get into our vehicle. I said
to Dick, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have Karen as 
our Guardian Angel?, to which he replied, "It sure would."
Now, back to our lunch date at Bishops Buffet. The young lady  
who looked like Karen, exchanged glances and smiles with me 
several times. I am still amazed at the resemblance. It was one of 
those things that you see but find it hard to believe.
We enjoyed our leisurely lunch and while we were there we did not see 
one person that we knew, and as I said we were only two tables away from 
the  cashier so we could see everyone as they came and went. When we 
went to the cashier Dick handed her our last $5.00 gift certificate
and was getting a $10.00 bill out of his billfold when she said, "Oh, 
no, sir, Your bill is paid!" We must have appeared to be in shock as we 
stood there with our mouths hanging open. She went on to say a young 
lady had paid for our lunch with a $20.00 bill and asked her to give us 
the change, which she did. We wanted to find out who it was but all   the
cashier said was, "The lady asked me to tell you that God loves you."
I am now crying tears of joy and Dick is  still like he is in shock.
We thanked the cashier and walked to the car.
Just as we get to the car, Dick says to me, "You know Honey,
the only person I can think of that might have done this is Karen, 
to which I replied, "You know I was just thinking the same thing."
Call this an unexplained happening, a miracle or whatever you like but we 
know it was another blessing from God.
We both cried for joy as we know God has answered yet another 
prayer for us. Karen is one of our Guardian Angels.
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 8-29-03
I would like to dedicate this page to our dear friend 
Karen Schlueter
*You will always have a very special place in our heart, Karen*
We have always loved you with all our heart and soul and we always will!
You are very sadly missed by so many! 


Song "How Great Thou Art" by
Jerry Morris

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