I Don't Need A Reason

Every woman likes to hear those
Three magic words, * I Love You*
And if the man in your life
say's them, you feel the love is true
I am one of the lucky women
Who hears, *I Love You*
several times or more a day
This habit, with my man, is not new
Then of course, I ask why?
I have the need to be assured
This seems to frustrate him
As he is a man of few words
After several attempts to get
More words from him
He looks at me and smiles
With him I always win
He's shy and doesn't say much
He says he's not good at expressing
Just how he feels
So I just keep on testing
I want to know what
He loves about me
So I just keep on teasin'
Now he's gotten *Smart* and
reply's, "I donít need a reason"
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 3-17-04

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