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School Day's

Do you remember the one room school
Where you were taught the *Golden Rule*
You raised your hand before you spoke
The teacher got respect, not a joke
You were taught the three*R's*
Reading, Riting & Rithmatic*
And if you got out of line
Your hand got hit with a stick
The teachers were serious about
The encouragement they gave
They stood up to many problems
Back then, they were so brave
The teachers gave guidance
That was over and above
It came from their heart
Given with so much love
I'll always be grateful
For the education I received
You not only taught academics
You taught me to believe
To believe in myself
To stand up for what's right
From my heart, I thank you
For being a *Shining Light*
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 3-17-04


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Song "It's Our Right" by
Jerry Morris

Thank you so much Jerry for allowing me to use your music....Dede

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