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"I Can Make It From There"

The story is told of a little boy that had wondered away from his home, not paying attention to where he had wondered to as he followed his dog until he noticed that his surroundings were no longer familiar to him.

His eyes welled up with tears, his little heart filled with fright. Directly, his emotions were no longer controllable. He stood on the corner, sobbing uncontrollably.

Soon, a police office noticed the young boy crying. He approached the little fellow. "What is the matter, son?"

Through his tears and sobbing, the little boy said, "I'm lost! I had followed my dog away from home and now I'm lost!" and sobbed all the more.

The police officer knelt down beside the little one and gently said, "Son, not to worry. I'll help you get home."

The little boy took a step backward. The police officer gently said, "I'll not hurt you. My job is to see to it that you get safely home. Please let me help."

After a second or two, the little fellow took the officer by the hand.

"Now, where do you live? What is the name of the street?" the officer asked.

The little one looked around and said, "I can't remember the name of my street." His fear began to return.

"O.K.'" the police officer said. "What is your telephone number?

We can call your Mom or Dad and they can come get you."

"We don't have a telephone in our house."

"Well, then, can you give me a landmark of some kind?"

"Yes," the little one said and brightened up. "Not too far from our house is a church with a high steeple with a cross on top of it. Do you know where that steeple might be?"

"Yes, I do, son."

"Well, then, please take me to the foot of that cross and I can make if from there!"

~ Author Unknown ~

 Dede's Note: 
Yes, if we would all just go to the foot of the cross,
We can make it from there!
Jesus died for us, so why are we not taking advantage of the gift he has given us, ETERNAL LIFE........

 Think long and hard about this folks before it is too late.
Your sins have been forgiven! What are we waiting for.....
God doesn't ask much...... Believe, Trust & Receive the
*Gift of Eternal Life*


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