"Dede's Walk With God"


"Stand ye in the ways, and see and ask
for the old paths, where is the good
way and walk therein, and ye  shall find
rest for your souls."
~ Jeremiah 6:16 ~


"Heading The Wrong Way"

There have been may times in my life when I felt I was headed in the wrong direction, but this particular time I am about to tell you about is a pretty scary situation and had God not been there my hubby & I might not be here to talk about it today.

We both were working in a factory at the time and a Christmas party was planned for all the employees at a reception hall. The location was about 10 miles from where we lived. We drove to the hall with no problem. On the way home it was an entirely different story. I am only here to tell about it by the Grace Of God.

The party began at 7 p.m. We were there and it was agreed upon by both Dick & I that I would drive home as I did not consume alcohol and I wanted to feel safe. We were safe alright, but only because God was riding with us that night.

When we arrived Dick parked the car facing the same highway that we had driven on to get there. Now, I wasn't aware they had built a new divided
highway coming back from that area, so when it was time to leave and come home, Dick got in the passenger side as agreed and put his seat back to rest.

As I pulled out of the parking lot onto the highway I saw many of our friends standing behind the car waving their hands like crazy, and I remember thinking to myself, wow!, we sure have a lot of friends.

Well, driving back from the reception hall was an experience and a half. Other drivers kept blinking their lights at me. Two times I had to literally pull off onto the gravel to avoid getting hit head on. It was a four lane, divided highway & I was fully convinced that I was in the right. I thought these other drivers were absolutely crazy. Why Were They On My Side Of The Road? I asked myself.

The right highway going back toward where we lived was behind the reception hall. Since then, so many things in our life has changed. As we have related this story to others on how God saved us from death that evening, our closest friend who was my matron-of-honor at our wedding said,"So you were that driver my brother-in-law said he ran off the road. What were you thinking?"

The point is: At that point of my life, I wasn't thinking clearly and I wasn't making the best of choices. But I did know I had God in my life to help me along the way and He was along for the ride that evening. If he hadn't been there we would not be here today.

Thank You, O' God, for caring about the things in this world that need repair, like my life. *Thanks for being the best thing that has ever happened in my life*

Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas





SONG: You Will Never Walk Alone

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