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 A Letter To Mom In Heaven

Dear Mom,

Your special day will arrive soon
And our thoughts are on you
You've been gone such a short time
But we've chosen not to be blue

We've chosen to celebrate your life
And remember all the good
All the times you were there
And how you understood

How you led your three
Children to the Lord
How you went without
When you couldn't afford

I married your oldest son and
He's the love of my life
Thanks to you, Mom
I'm one happy wife

He's kind and gentle
Everything I've ever dreamed of
He's a dream come true
A true gift from above

You taught him right, Mom
We love and miss you so much
This is not good-bye, just so long
Till our hands can once again touch

So, thanks again, Mom
We wish you the very best
You've won the greatest prize
Your life was the big test

You're in Heaven now
Right where you wanted to be
We'll join you one day
Just you wait and see

Happy Mother's Day, Mom
I can just see you now
Telling your *strawberry joke*
You're the greatest, take a bow

You'll live on in our hearts
Till the day we can join you
So save us a place, Mom
That's all we ask you to do.

No, I changed my mind
As I sometimes do
Give JoAnn our love
And hug her for us too.

Tell her we all miss her
She was a wonderful sister.

All Our Love,
Dick, Dede,
Randy & Dawn

Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
This page is dedicated to my wonderful
Marie Wild-Nagelmaker
Feb. 7- 1913 ~ March 30, 2004




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