"Dede's Walk With God"

As you lie sleeping by my side
I am busy writing another poem
God has given me a new talent
Something more to bless our home

I look at you and my love abounds
I thank God for you every day
I wonder, what did I do to deserve you
God has blessed me in yet another way

The blessings in our marriage run on
There never seems to be any end
God has always been there for us
Our love for Him, we cannot pretend

We love you God, we can't deny
We've given our hearts to you
This we will never regret
It was an easy thing to do

You died on the cross to save us
From this old world of sin
So when we gave our heart to you
We were the ones to win.
January 2002-06
by (The Author) Delilah M. Haas

Dedicated to my loving husband of almost 31 yrs.
From here to eternity My Darling--I will love you.




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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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