"Abundant Blessings" 

I watch the sun rise in an orange blaze,
Chasing away the early morning haze.
Admiring the splendor of the eastern sky,
Reminds me that God is always nearby.

He gave me a sunrise to start my day,
A gentle reminder to take time to pray.
For what a shame it would be not to begin,
Each beautiful day in quiet time with Him.

As I read His Word my soul is fed,
Filling my spirit for the day ahead.
His life changing words fill each page,
From parables to psalms of praise.

I quietly ponder each written passage,
My heart is joyful from the message;
He desires to supply my every need,
Always, in all things, all sufficient is He.

My mind cannot fully comprehend,
Love like His that has no end.
To Him my heart and soul belong,
I worship Him with words and song.

I thank Him that He safely kept...
All harm from me while I slept.
I thank Him that with the morning dew,
His grace and mercy are brand new.

I praise Him with gladness in my heart,
For His faithfulness that will never depart;
For His promises that never fail to be, Freely
fulfilled as His plan unfolds for me.

I commit to Him my steps for the day,
That He will lead me along the way.
I know that He will go before me,
To make a way that I may not see.

I ask Him to stay right by my side,
To protect me and to be my Guide.
If storm clouds gather unexpectedly,
I know His peace will envelope me.

Should this be the day my heartbeat ends,
I'll spend eternity with Jesus and friends.
Reunited with loved ones gone before,
All waiting to greet me on Heaven's shore.

Now the day is off to a wonderful start,
Peace in my spirit, joy in my heart.
My quiet time with the Lord is truly a treasure,
Of abundant blessings far beyond measure.
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright:AUG.19, 2002

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