"Dede's Reflections"

Lead By God
I wanted to be a counselor
After a given point in my life
But my heart would just ache
Listening daily to all that strife
By the time I realized this
I had too many other priorities
I've always admired these people
Who have patience  listening to stories
Listening sometimes for an hour
Some of this must tug at the heart
I'd get too emotionally involved
And it would just tear me apart
God gave me a bundle of patience
And the ability to really care
He also made me a good listener
This quality can be very rare
 Counseling went by the wayside
But love for others came on strong
So God kept sending us more family
One after another they came along
First it was our own children
There are seven of them in all
Then twenty-seven years of foster children
This has certainly been God's call
Now we have acquired even more
Fifteen grandchildren & five great-grandchildren
And they still just  keep coming
What a true blessing, so many kin
Thank you Lord, for the family
For all of them are such a blessing
We thank You daily, Dear Lord
And to You, many praises we sing
Author:  Delilah M. (Dede) Haas



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           "Dede's Walk With God"


Artwork: Pardon, Mama
by Emile Munier

Music: Praying To My Need  by The Heirlines

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