"Dede's Walk With God"

Still Here

I watched you as you sat alone last night,
I whispered to you,
everything is going to be alright.

As I saw you weeping,
I could not understand,
As I reached for you,
You did not take my hand.

I could see the heartbreak on your face,
The pain you showed, made my own heart race,
I sat and watched you for what seemed like hours,
Wishing I could help you, if I just had the power.

Why would you not let me touch you,
hold you awhile?
Why did you not hear me,
not give me your smile?

I could hear you moan Oh God
how can this be?
How could this dear one
be taken from me?

Then suddenly I remembered,
what had brought you such fear,
I want to tell you, that I left my body
but I am still here

ęcopyrights Johnnie Oakes 2/05/02

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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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