"Dede's Walk With God"

"Don't Take Christ Out Of Christmas"
(Jerry Morris)

Let us light up the Christmas tree
As we gather all around
To remember what this day really means

It was named for his birthday
God's gift to a world in need
A bright light that would show us the way

Three wise men came to see him
as did shepherds from their fields
Christ was born on Christmas day

Through out 2000 plus years
Believers share this time
To adore him and remember his name

Don't take Christ out of Christmas
Say merry Christmas and not happy holidays
Keep Christ in Christmas tree
Without Christmas what would it be
Why nothing but just another tree

Let us celebrate this holy day
For the gift to you and me
That one day we could live in harmony

And when the non believers complain
That it's not fair
Just smile for someday they will see

So have a merry Christmas
May peace come to many lands
Where brothers and sisters
Share love hand in hand

May your blessings be plenty
And your troubles be few
Merry Christmas my friends
May God bless you

Merry Christmas my friends
may God bless you

About this song
Watching the news and
what some are trying to do.

ote from Dede:
This is a brand new Christmas song
is by our wonderful friend/ (singer/ songwriter),
Jerry Morris...... 
Enjoy the music and pass it around.
o HERE to hear more of his beautiful
music of all kinds.

Song: "Don't Take Christ Out Of Christmas"
by Jerry Morris

Thank you so much Jerry for allowing me to use your music....Dede
Please be sure to purchase his music....
It would make wonderful Christmas gifts!




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