"Dede's Walk With God"

"My Mother, My Heart"

Online we met,
One word , then two;
You reached out to me,
I held on to you.

Weeks went by,
We became friends;
Oh how time fly's,
I pray it never ends.

Through sorrow and pain,
And joyful tears;
We prayed together,
Oh my, it's been more than a year?

You made me smile,
I made you laugh;
Who knew our friendship,
Would be the kind to last.

We've grown so close,
We share our hearts;
Memories to cherish,
In whole and in part.

But for us, it's the beginning,
It is just the start;
For our Lord is always with us,
Anchored in our hearts;

All my love to you
My friend , my mother,
My mother, my heart.

Author: Judy Farnsworth
My Loving On-line
Adopted Daughter

Dede's Note: I Love you, Judy.
Thank you so very much for all the
love & kindness you have given me.

I consider you a true blessing in my life.
That's why I picked this song.

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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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