"Dede's Walk With God"

Cut my hair and give it to *Lock's of Love*
because I won't need it in heaven above.
Give my eyes so another may see
because God will give a new body to me.
Give my blood so that another may live
A good life for another is my objective.
Give my bones so that another may stand
They will get around without holding a hand.
Give my tissues so another life can continue
Allowing others to live is my only venue.
Give my muscles so another may have strength
To help another I'll go to any length.
Give my brain so another may learn,
 When I get to heaven I have no intent to return.
Give my limbs so another may walk or touch
Without the use of prosthetics or a crutch.
Give my voice box so another may sing and talk
Praising God daily in their earthly walk.
Give my lungs so another may breathe the breath of life
And may the recipient have more faith than Lot's wife.
Give my heart so another can give unconditional love.
The kind we receive daily from God above.
What I'm really saying is, use any part of me.
My Heavenly Father will set me free.
You see, where I'm going, I won't need this ole' body,
So my last wishes I'd like to embody.
Please follow my wishes to a tee,
Then you will be showing respect for me.
For following my last request,
I have left you a loving memory.
Never put yourself first,
Life is never just about thee.
God put us here on Earth to look after all others
His intent was, we'd all be sisters and brothers.
Thank you so much for following my request,
May your life be ever so blessed.
Delilah M. (Dede) Haas


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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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