"Dede's Walk With God"

    Loving Moms
I need to ask you a few questions
before I enter this big world.
I feel safe where I am
inside your warm womb.
Will I feel safe once I arrive?
Will you always put me first
Or will I be really surprised
And have my bubble burst?
Will you always be there for me
When I have colic or am sick?
Or with you, will a man come first
Just because you think you click?
Will you always show me love
Gentle kindness and respect?
I'm not asking much, I know
Mother's are not perfect.
I need a Mommy who loves me
One who will cuddle me, sing to me,
Guide me and teach me the
Ways of life so I will be safe.
I'll need your guidance and
Protection for many years.
Are you up to the  challenge?
Mothering is harder than it appears.
I will need a good education
Just to survive day to day
Will you always be there
Helping me along the way?
If  I become a boisterous teen-ager
Who gets way out of hand
Will you always remember
My life should have been planned.
I'll need much spiritual guidance
I'll need to know my Heavenly Father
Guide me and teach me first
Before you give me a sister or brother.
I am not a doll or just a toy
I am for real and have real needs
Please do not conceive me
If you do not agree.
Delilah M. (Dede) Haas

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           "Dede's Walk With God"

Artwork showcased on this set purchased
by Twilight Creations Graphic Creations 2008

Music: Brahms Lullaby

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