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He will not allow your foot to slip;
He who keeps you will not slumber.
Psalm 121:3 (NAS)

God Can Handle It

My grandma once told me:
Give all your troubles to God
because He will be up all night anyway.
Amy and Laura were both young brides who met in the corridors of the heart/lung transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn.
Amy and her husband Rod had been married only three months when  they found out Rod had a major heart problem and he needed a transplant. They had been waiting for a donor heart for a few months now and Rod's condition continued to deteriorate.
Laura and her husband Bill were there awaiting a heart also. Bill's condition was far more serious than Rod's so it was deemed that Bill would be getting the next available compatible heart.
Within twenty four hours Rod took a turn for the worse and Bill was still the chosen candidate for the heart. Laura and Bill knew what they had to do. Rod and Bill were both  the same as far as compatibility for the heart, and Laura and Bill were Christians. They knew their God would take care of them, and they had heard that Rod would die within a few hours without this heart.
Laura and Bill asked to talk to  their medical team and asked them to give the hear to Rod. They were asked if they were sure and they both nodded their head in agreement as they held hands. They were in their seventies and knew they could trust the Lord to see them through. Their faith was so very strong.
Rod's recovery was a miraculous one and the two families are very close to this day. Bill got his new heart also a short while later and he is recovering nicely.
Laura say's she had many many  people praying for both Rod and Bill and she credits God for the whole process. She says when you love others and do for them like she and Bill do,
God will do the rest.
Praise God for all Your wondrous  miracles!




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