The delicate perfection
can be seen by all
as she walks all alone
in the monastery halls
She was only eighteen
when she fell in love
with a young man
chosen from above
They met quite by chance
It was love at first sight
It stirred his feelings
Caused quite a plight
He was a man of God
What was he to do
His mind, all confused
With feelings all so new
He paced the floor for days
Then he was found dead
A white rose beside him
And a good-bye note on his bed
Now Rose is so overcome
with hurt and unbelief
Tears streaming to no end
What can she do  with her grief
I cannot live without him
I've made up my mind
He was the only man for me
He was one of a kind
The monks see her often now
In her long  white gown
She looks for him still
while appearing all around
There is a certain sadness
You can see in her blue eyes
She still has a loneliness
As she waits for his reply
The monks pray  for her soul
They see her where ever she goes
Now and then they shed a tear
as they pray for *God's White Rose*
 Dede Haas







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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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*In The Garden*
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