"Dede's Walk With God"





"Child Abuse..."

I'm a child of any name
I'm grieving so terribly hard today
My parents and Drugs are to blame
Come Dear Jesus, and guide my way!

Today is the first anniversary of mommy's death
I was in her arms as she drew her last breath
My tears flow freely, from my loss
Some are saying, I will carry the same cross

This is too much to handle as I am only three
In her own way, I know mommy loved me
But she had a friend that she loved more
She chose this friend each time she walked out the door

She'd be gone for hours, then come draggin' in
I was fightin' a battle I knew I couldn't win
I'd beg her to hold me or just brush my hair
She'd shove me away without a care

I tried to kiss my sweet mommy one day
She acted like a stranger as she held me at bay
She called me a name I'd never heard
Then she passed out while slurring her words

"Why, Mommy Why, don't you see me anymore"
I asked of her as she lay there on the floor
I laid down beside her, wrapping her in my arms
I whispered, "I love you", and tried to win her with my charms

I saw an angel of God come close by
She wiped my tears when she saw me cry
She whispered, "God loves you, don't ever forget
Hold onto your faith, your needs will be met"

Then as I lay there tears flowing hard
The angel held me, as if to stand guard
She said, "believe in Jesus and never let it go
Smile, show your faith, just let it flow"

I'm way too young to understand all of this
Oh, what I'd give for mommy's sweet kiss
I'm so overcome by my mommy's sudden death
Why, oh why, did she choose a friend called *METH*?

Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: July 12, 2002

Dede's Note: Drugs Kill!, or if the person that is doing drugs gets lucky they will get caught, and sent to jail & hopefully get put in a rehabilitation program. Then hopefully their family can get help with the family issues and get on with life. Don't give up as this can happen. But first you have to want it bad enough to work for it. Are your children worth it? Only you can answer that. If you are part of this family and can no longer stand by and see children neglected or abused or even if you are an innocent by-stander and see this, please, please call your local Dept. of Human Resources and get help for these innocent children. Sometimes you are the *Angel of God* that the children need to rescue them from this horrible life-style. Drugs are an addiction. Once hooked, people need help to get off them. You can help. Make that phone call for the sake of the children. Thank You For Caring and
God Bless You For Making That Call!

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           "Dede's Walk With God"

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