You Are My Life


Without you, I'd survive
But I'd not really be alive
My heart would be empty
It couldn’t be opened with any key
You have given me so much
I melt at your very touch
You're all any woman could ever ask for
After you, I've never needed more
You are the essence of my life
You have made me a very happy wife
You have given me faithfulness and love
You are only second to God above
I have so much to be grateful for
There is so much about you that I adore
You are faithful, honest and true
Spiritual and passionate as our love grew
You are the very core of my feelings
It wasn't just your looks I found appealing
I love your simplicity of thought
And your intellect can't be bought
You are an amazing husband
For you I would always take a stand
You are one of a kind
And I thank God daily, you are mine!
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: May 30-2003


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