"Dede's Walk With God"


Words From My Heart

For thirty four years God has blessed us both
In His special and wonderful way
With a beautiful marriage and heart warming memories
To fondly look back onto today

Here's hoping that God will continue to bless us
By keeping us both in His care
And bringing us even more joy and fulfillment
Each year that we lovingly share

Thirty four years are more precious than gold
When looking at where we have been
Our love and commitment, the friendships we've made
And memories that never grow dim

We've cherished each other for thirty four years
And shared all the joys life could hold
Here's hoping our days will be happier still
As together, (hand-in-hand), we grow old

Thirty four years filled with laughter and love
Years that have shaped our lives
Thirty four years we were given to share
Together as husband and wife

Thirty four years since our wedding day
And the lovely new dreams we knew then
May our future together be happy and bright
As the past thirty four years have been

It's a day to look back
Over the past thirty four years
Recalling the good times
The laughter, the tears
The serious moments
The humorous parts
That make up memories
Dear to our hearts
It's a way to look forward
With deep joy and pride
And faith that
The future is sure to provide
A life of fulfillment
Of warm love and care
Through ou
t all the bright
Golden years that we share

May the memory of our wedding vows
And all they mean to us
The happiness that we have shared
And dreams that have come true
Combine to bring us gladness
When our anniversary is here

In His power God created us man and woman
In His wisdom God brought us together, for He
thought it better that neither of us be alone.
In His infinite grace, God has now made us one
For He knew it better that we no longer be two
In His providence God wills that our union in
Christ endure, even under His blessing, in faithful
Communion with His church, in love and affection,
In constant faithfulness and service to each other till
He Himself sees fit to take us to His heavenly home.

Remember This My Darling!
I take you (Richard/Delilah) to be my (husband/wife)
I will be faithful and honest with you
I will respect, trust , help and care for you
I will share my life with you, I will
Forgive as we have been forgiven
And I will try with you to better understand
Ourselves, the world and God
For The Best And The Worst Of
What Is To Come
Until Death Parts Us

Always & Forever
My Darling Hubby
I Will Love You,



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           "Dede's Walk With God"


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