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The Glitter Card 

"Mommy, mommy look at the beautiful glitter card," the little girl said. 

"Yes Amanda, it is a beautiful card. Would you like me to buy it for you?" 
asked her mother. Amanda nodded her head yes. 

Amanda didn't know who to send the glitter card to. The stars were 
shining so bright on the card, it was as if the card was trying to tell 
her something. 

Amanda wondered what this special card was trying to say. 

It was two days before Christmas when her Uncle Gerard came and
visited her. Amanda showed him her special glitter card and asked him
if he knew what the card was trying to tell her. 

"Well Amanda, I think this card is very very special and you must decide
what to do with it. You can send it to your parents, friends, aunts,
uncles or give it away to someone special," said Uncle Gerard. 

Amanda didn't want to mail it to anyone or give it away. She wanted to
keep it forever. Amanda told her Uncle that she would keep the card 
until it told her what to do. 

Her Uncle laughed, patted her head and gave her $5.00. 

On Christmas Eve, Amanda went downtown to the toy store. She loved 
looking in the windows, and she knew that Santa Claus would be giving her
everything she had on her Christmas list. 

Standing next to Amanda was a mother and child. They were dressed in 
torn clothes that didn't look very warm. 

The little girl asked her mommy if Santa Claus would know they were living 
in their car and would he bring her a gift this year? 

The little girl's mommy had the saddest eyes Amanda ever saw. With a
small tear falling down her face, the mother told her little girl, she 
hoped Santa Claus wouldn't forget them. 

Amanda pulled the glitter card out of her pocket, looked at it and then 
realized what the special glitter card was telling her. 

Amanda reached into her other pocket, took out the $5.00 Uncle Gerard 
had given her and handed the card and the money to the mother. 

Amanda ran all the way home. She was happy she was able to help someone,
but she missed her special glitter card. 

Throughout Amanda's life, at Christmas time she always remembered the 
"special glittered card" she once had. She had told her children and 
grandchildren the story of her special card and how one card and $5.00 
helped make a Merry Christmas for one family. 

One cold Christmas Eve, Amanda was sitting alone on a park bench. 
A girl came over to Amanda and asked her why she was crying. Amanda 
told the little girl that her husband died two years ago, her children 
have all moved away and she was all alone. 

The girl reached into her pocket and pulled out an old tattered card and
handed it to Amanda saying: "Please take this card. Many many, many years ago 
someone gave this card and $5.00 to my great-grandmother on Christmas Eve. 

Great Granny told me it was the best Christmas they ever had." 

Amanda was shocked to see it was the card she gave away so many years ago. 

She was just about to tell the girl that she was the one who gave the card 
to her great-grandmother, when the girl reached into her other pocket and
pulled out $5.00. 

She handed Amanda the money and said: "Please hold on to this card until
you find someone 'special' to pass it to." 

With that, the girl ran away. 

As Amanda was looking at the glittered card, she was shocked to see all 
the stars start to move. Instead of a group of shining stars, they now 
were grouped together to form one bright shining star. 

Amanda now realized what this card was telling her so many years ago. 

Christmas isn't about gifts, toys, parties or pretty clothes. 

Christmas is about love and sharing! 

~ by B. Heran ~ 
She has granted us permission to post 
this story here but you must visit her site 
and ask permission if you wish to use this story.

Hi everyone;
I am Jimmy the webmaster for Dede's Walk With God
and I normally have nothing to say and just sit back in
the back ground but Dede is always telling you things 
about me and asking you to say hello and to thank me
but today it is my turn to just say a few words.
For those of you who know me from my personal site,
then you know me to be a man who talks a lot and today 
I wish to say just a little something.
First I wish to say to Dede, "Dear friend you have added
so much to my life as we have worked together on your 
web site to make a place to bless those that have dropped
by to visit. I have been so honored to be a small part in 
this ministry for our Lord Jesus and I thank you from the
depths of my heart. It has been almost 3 years now and 
I look forward to the many years to come. Also to your 
dear Husband Dick who has been so wonderful to share 
his time of you so that we could always have time to work 
together to get the pages done. Thank you my friend and 
may our Father God bless you with many years of happiness."
Now for all of you who have been so faithful to come by 
and visit Dede's Walk, "Thanks for your time and for your
wonderful notes and letters many of which I have not 
taken time to but read and did not reply to. They have all
been read and many times I have been touch to tears and
blessed beyond words. Thank you for being a very important
part of my life."

Please remember the true reason for this season. It is the 
birthday of our LORD JESUS the CHRIST who came to give 
us hope and life and remember it was his gift unconditionally 



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