This is the most beautiful day in my life. I knew it the minute I woke up. Yes, I have my troubles. Yes, I've had cause to worry, and sometimes I didn't think I'd make it to this day. But I did make it, and the day is mine, and I have tomorrow as well, so I've decided that this is going to be the best day of my life, and I'm going to celebrate the day and all it brings. I'm going to celebrate all of the wonderful things that have come my way--my many blessings, my home, my family, my  friends, the things I love, and even the trials that have made me stronger. I'm going to celebrate because I'm alive and able to learn and experience new things, and because even the slowest day brings some type of excitement. I'll not overlook God's many and miraculous gifts, including the simple and most beautiful things in life like the daffodils of spring, a warm wind on a cool day, the buds on the trees, the snowflakes gently falling, the beauty of the winter sky at dusk, the birds that sing to the dawn. I'll even see the beauty in the rain. I'll not dwell on the errors I've made, on the things I regret, or the things I've lost. Instead, I'll hold my head high and appreciate what I've accomplished, what I can still accomplish, and be thankful for all I have. I'll focus on the positive things in life, instead of my woes, because worrying is a waste of time when I have faith in God, and He promised that everything will work out fine. I'll share my hope and positive outlook with other people. I'll go out of my way to make someone smile and will strive to perform little acts of kindness throughout the day. I'll be sincere to all I meet and try to lift the spirit of someone who's down. I'll tell the ones I care about just how special they are to me and how wonderful it is to have them in my life. And tonight, before I close my eyes, I'll look out at the lights over the city, and up at the silvery play of stars and moonlight in the heavens, and I'll remember that I have  tomorrow as well and anything is possible--that I can do anything with my life. And I'll praise God for his gift of today and his promise for tomorrow.


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