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Susie is a lonely child, who has been
emotionally abused for her whole life.
The pain she's known and lives with
is like being cut with a knife.
She was born  with Cerebral Palsy
To a family consisting of five.
The emotional abuse she's endured
makes her wish she wasn't alive.
She's daily taunted and snapped at.
There's never a day she isn't teased.
She's treated so dreadful,
like she has a horrible disease.
They tell her that she is different,
and say she is a family curse.
And of all the children they could
have had, she is the very worst.
The mother is angry, asking,
"What did I do to deserve this?"
Susie is blamed for everything,
all mishaps and all that goes amiss.
She is getting more and more depressed,
and chooses to avoid home life.
Not much is going on anyway,
and daily living is so full of strife.
To wake up in the morning
is another day of dread.
And when Susie prays to God,
she begs to be dead.
But life continues on,
one dreary day after another.
Until Susie can't bear it,
so she leaves a note for her brother.
"Tell Mom and Dad I loved them
with all my heart and soul.
But I just couldn't go on,
living in this deep, black hole.
God made me special, for them,
but Mom just couldn't accept me.
So now I am a child of God again.
His love has set me free.
I am our families guardian angel.
I am to love and guide you.
I promise, I will never leave your side.
I will stick to you all like glue.
I will do for all of you
what you couldn't do for me.
All I ever wanted was to be accepted
and loved, don't you see?
I finally am appreciated and loved,
here in God's Heavenly Realm.
There is so much peace and love here,
some days, I am overwhelmed.
There are many other children
to run and play with me.
We sing songs as we frolic
and I am as happy as can be.
I forgive you for not understanding,
that God gave you something special, in me.
There are many tests in life,
I was just one of them, you see."
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 7-18-04
Dede's Note:
The way children are treated in life
determine the choices they make.
When depression sets in, if not treated
many children choose suicide as a way out.
Children are a gift from God, no matter
how they come to you!
So please treat them like the gift that
they are, with loving kindness, compassion
and understanding.
Above all, be available to listen to their
needs and fears. They count on us!



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Art is copyright ęDanny Hahlbohm
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