Safe Harbor

When one we have loved for all our life is called home to be with God it is hard to understand. We most times think of it as only the end of life as we know it, when it really is just like taking a trip. We stand on the deck of a ship and we watch our loved ones standing on the dock. Many times there are tears and though it is suppose to be a happy time as we know that for maybe many years plans had been made and looked forward to going to this new place. We know that there will be many that we have not seen standing on the dock when we get there and it will be such a happy time.

As our ship starts to leave and we know that the trip will pass fast, as the ship goes over the horizon and fades away. We look toward the other shore and we see the dock that stands with many that we know and we see our loved ones that have crossed over before us all standing on the dock and as we disappear from sight then we can be seen coming . It is then that we will know for sure that by having Jesus be the master of our life and following in his foot steps then we will understand just how much he loved us.

I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. I lost my dad over half a life ago and my mom went on to be with Jesus long yrs ago also. When my mom passed over my sister also was here to visit her and became very sick and told us that she was visited the same night as mom passed but she felt that they just choose mom first but now I have both mom and her and one other sister on that far shore with my dad and my brother also. I remember each one standing on that other shore and I pray when it is my turn to board that final ship that I can be ready to cross over to be with them again.

Father God I ask that you would help each of us that lose some one dear will understand that instead of being as the world thinks it to be an end , that you will help us to understand it as just the start of a closer walk with you and we will rejoice in this knowledge. Father bless each person who stops by and reads these words that you have given me to share. Keep them safely in your care and love , in Jesus name amen.
In His love and service your friend
Jimmy aka jcshrimp1

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