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Pastor, God Has Chosen You

                       by Roy Lessin

God was the one who formed you, gave you the breath of life, and brought you into the world. He did this so that His arms could embrace you and His love could keep you-He wanted you to know that your relationship with Him would always be of more value than the things He would have you do for Him. He wanted you to be certain that He loved you completely before you ever did anything in His service, so that your service would never become a way of trying to earn His love or favor.

As you came to know His heart and hear His voice, you heard Him speak a call to your life. This call would mean that He would never ask you to do anything for Him that He expected you to do without Him. He alone would be the source of your sufficiency. His only desire would be that you would daily open your heart to His resources-He wanted you to be sure that you would never have to say, "I can't," without being able to say, "He can!"

You are now in the place He has called you. He has made no mistakes leading you here. Even in the hard places He is working out what is best-not only for you and for others, but also for His Kingdom. He is not looking at your statistics or programs to measure you; He is looking at your heart to see if you are faithful. He wants you to know that the results of your obedience are for Him to determine. Be assured that it is His presence that will keep you and make you strong.

You are in God's place at God's perfect time. Your days are in His hands, and He is your future. He has gifted you, and placed His hand upon you to bless you and make you a blessing. The burden of your ministry is not yours to carry-as you rest, He will work; as you abide, He will bring fruit; as you sow, He will give the increase. He is your shield and your exceeding great reward.

He is your provider. He will take care of you. He will nurture and sustain you. His spirit is the wind to cool you, the water to refresh you, the power to enable you, the oil to anoint you, and the river that flows through you to touch the lives of others. Continue to be God's man, in God's place, doing God's will, and always remember-God has chosen you!

A Pastor is...

A pastor is an unusual person, indeed!
He gets his assignments from a voice no one else can hear.
He works for a bonus check that is only legal and tender in heaven.
He starts his day in a prayer closet instead of the wardrobe closet.
He climbs the ladder of success by taking the lowly place.
He receives nourishment by feeding sheep.
His greatest gain comes by what he gives away.
He is more attracted to what people look like inwardly than outwardly.
He lives for God's approval rather than following the opinions of others.
He speaks from the depths of his heart rather than from the top of his head.
His richest treasures come from the investments he makes in the lives of others.
                                                          Author ~Roy Lessin~

Note From Dick & Dede:
October is Pastor Appreciation Month and we wanted to do this page to honor our wonderful Pastor, Merlin Schlichting. He has been the most wonderful pastor we have ever encountered and we wanted him to know just how much we love him and appreciate all he has done for us. Talking to him is like talking to your best friend. Thanks, Pastor, for being a true friend and a true *Man of God*.
God Bless you Always & Much Love
                      Dick & Dede

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