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Note From God
I was there the day you were born
and I gave you special gifts to last
a lifetime.
I touched you, made you smile,
helped you grow and watched
you take your first step.
I even reassured you that every
thing would be okay when you
lost your first tooth.
I saw you off on your first day
of school...
and I lingered by your side the
whole day.
I was there to console you every
time you cried and I held you every
time you fell and scraped your knees.
I was there every day all through the
years and I always strived to give
you direction.
I helped you every step of the way
into adulthood, bringing you daily
gifts of inspiration, hope and love.
And I gave you trials so that you
could grow into the warm and
beautiful person that you are...but I
never abandoned you to them.
I've never for a single second, turned
my back on you when you needed
me - even when you thought that
you didn't need me.
I heard you every time you spoke
and I answered every prayer -
though sometimes... for your best
interest , I didn't answer them the
way you hoped I would.
I'm still with you through your joys,
your hopes, your tears, your
dreams... through the bad day, the
good days - through every day
of your life.
And I will be there in the end to
give you comfort and see you safely
home where you will sit beside me
in all the glory of heaven.
~Love God~
Author Unknown To Me


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