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Love Beyond Compare


By Dede Haas
Feb. 14- 2003
One of my Christmas gifts this past year, (2002), from my wonderful hubby, was a book called *Chicken Soup For The Couples Soul*. He wrote on the inside cover, “A wonderful year in spite of all we went through, because we still have each other. All My Love,  Dick.
How I cherish the many memories he has given me!


When we tied the knot on March 8-1971, we knew there would be many ups and downs as this was a second marriage for both of us.
Believe me, we had our fair share of both the ups and the downs, but I think what really counts is your perspective or attitude on things. We both try to stay very positive and let the Lord lead us.
We think of the question, “Is your cup half full or half empty?”
We prefer to think of ours as running over the top, most times!
Luciano de Crescenzo once wrote: “We are, each of us angels with only one wing, and we can fly only by embracing the other.” Dick and I have always felt this way completely. Marriage is a commitment of two people, two people truly committed to the other, always thinking of the others needs first. It will truly be tough one day  when God takes one home, and there is one left to grieve the great loss that will be felt. May God be there to sustain the one left behind.


I was truly in love with my man the very first time I ever laid eyes on him. *Yes, love at first sight!*  Dick says “That was before I started needing to wear glasses.” His wonderful sense of humor was reacting again. His sense of humor has delighted young and old over the years.

Many of our foster children’s counselors have loved coming to our home just to hear that wonderful joking humor of his. He is always kidding with the children and most times they don’t even get his jokes and I will have to explain them later. God truly has warmed many lives by allowing them to come in contact with this wonderful hubby of mine. I feel so truly blessed to see people laugh and smile when he starts telling them his on-going jokes.


Since our marriage, we have only been apart a few times and then only for family needs or emergencies. Otherwise we basically have pretty much been together 24/7 and after a few years would not know what to do without the other one by our side. Most of our  marriage, everything we ever desired to do, was together. We are truly soul-mates, a real team and we both love it. We have gotten to the part in our life where we can finish each others sentences. Good thing we didn’t start looking like one another. Dick didn’t have enough hair to suit me and I had way too much hair for him….. Couldn’t you just see me with his hair and him with mine? That would sure be a scream!
We have this habit of leaving little love notes all over our home for the other one. What a pleasant surprise when one is unexpectedly found.
We also play the ~SHMILY~ game. SHMILY can be found all over our home. We write it on little pieces of paper, in the dust, wherever we can, actually. It is an instant love note for the other.
(See How Much I love You!)


I remember writing memory letters to each other a few years back and one of Dick’s comments to me was: “A walk down memory lane with you is like a run down a busy highway” He meant that in the sweetest way. My sweet hubby has always been a definite procrastinator even from the very beginning and when I learned to love him just that way, things got even better, if that was possible.
I have always been very active and like to get things done and my sweet hubby is so laid back, it has turned out to be another blessing. 

We probably tell one another *I Love You*, 10-20 times a day. If either of us has to leave the home to run an errand, we never leave without out an embrace and kiss. We always wanted the other to know how much we loved them and that we would be back by a certain time so the other wouldn’t worry. Going to bed angry was never an option. Life is too short to stay angry at someone you love so very much.

I was pretty immature, even at the age of 29 when Dick & I married. He has taught me so many wonderful things as we  matured together. He always said, he lived by two thoughts:
Live and let live! and If you can’t say anything nice - Don’t say anything at all!
So many love and respect him for the way he thinks!

Leo Buscaglia wrote:
“What love we’ve given, we’ll have forever.
What love we fail to give, will be lost for an eternity.”
Neither of us has ever felt a loss of love from the other.
Each time Dick passes my computer, he will touch me and gently kiss me and say *I Love You, Baby.*

I am one lucky woman!
We both believe the more love you give, the more  comes back to you!
We both believe in total, unconditional love. You have to love your mate, faults and all, if your marriage is going to work.
(For Better or For Worse) That was in our vows to each other!


When we both decided to take on a third party in our marriage, we became even happier. Then and only then were we absolutely positive our marriage was truly a forever thing.
Without God as the leader of our home I am sure there would have been many times when we would have just given up and thrown in the towel. With God as our guide, came so much more to look forward to daily. Our daily Bible readings, our praying together, our watching our Sunday evening church program together. It was hard not being able to go to our church in our community, but it was not an option when Dick’s health got so bad and we had to make the decision that we needed to protect him from germs and infections. We were fortunate to have a wonderful pastor from our home church who would come to our home and give us *Holy Communion*, when ever we requested it.
We have always been so thankful for our Dear Pastor.
Love is just not something between a man and a woman, ( a husband and his wife), it should incorporate your whole family, your friends, and even acquaintances. God intended for us to love all people, no matter what their race or circumstances. His Words are, *Love One Another As I Have Loved You!*


Please Always Remember My Darling, Till Death Do Us Part, But You Will Still Be In My Heart!
(Wherever You Are ~I Am There Also)





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