"Dede's Walk With God"
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Letter From Mom
(to my Son)

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This is the second  Mother's Day without me
And I can see the sadness in your eyes
I know Dede is there to comfort you
And I know how hard she tries
You were my first boy
You were also my pride and joy
You were so perfect, 5 lil' pimples on your nose
Ten cute lil'  fingers and ten cute lil' toes
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I have so many good memories of you
Just keeping track of you was all I could do
Coming and going all of the time
But I sure am happy you were mine
When you were younger, what a temper you had
Threw your new cap right down the sewer drain
When you didn't get your own way
You were lucky I didn't kick your butt that day
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What is this, a rumor, I hear
Something about a bike hiked up a flagpole
That story was so hard to believe
You were always such a sweet lil' soul
Remember all the donuts and ice cream you ate
After school, I'd be waiting and you'd be late
You'd stop at Kruses' Neighborhood Store
And load up on sweets and goodies galore
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You ate a whole pound of chocolate covered peanuts
We called the Doc about your tummy ache
I tried so hard to change your eating habits
Even tried telling you, "It's for your own sake."
You'd mix up a homemade cake batter
Eat it all by yourself and lick the bowl clean
If you would have baked and shared it
It would have been a Mother's dream
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JoAnn was so jealous when you came along
She'd steal your bottle away and you would cry
This went on for such a long time
I gave her attention, so I always wondered why
As you grew older and could fend for yourself
I began to worry as I saw that gleam in your eye
You whacked her on the head with a hammer
Then stood there and watched her cry
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As you've matured you've  gotten so soft spoken and kind
A better friend could not be found
So loving and caring all the time
It was pure joy just having you around
I miss you my son, and Dede too
But I'm not really gone, you know
I'm with you daily, no matter...
What you do or where you go
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I'm in your heart, I can feel it
I'm in your mirror in your dining room
I'm not really gone, don't you see
I see you daily when you smile at me
I hear you say, "Hi Mom"
And I say, "Hi" to you
JoAnn is here and she's very happy
She wants you to know she loves you too
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I am where ever you are
 You have to believe me
I'm saving a place on my special cloud
Just for Randy, Dawn, you & Dede
Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain
But in heaven there are no teardrops or pain
So keep on smiling, whatever you do
Secure in the knowledge that God loves you
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Your life with Dede is so worthwhile
I see it in the warmth of your smile
You are a very contented person
Secure in the arms of your loved one
I am with you & Dede daily
Whatever you are doing, I am involved
With you two together, and God
There isn't a problem that can't be solved
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Just remember, I'm waiting here
I'm your guardian angel everyday
I see your every move, your Bible reading
And when you bow your heads to pray
Time is short so enjoy each other
And don't forget your Dear Ol' Mother
When your time comes, we'll celebrate
But until then, I'll patiently wait
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Happy Mother's Day, Ladies
From Dick and Dede
They'd never forget you as well,
 as I know they'd never forget me..
Love Mom
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Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 12-2004
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