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Jamie & Jesse
Jamie and Jesse were twins born to
an older couple who lived on a farm,
who thought they'd never have children.
For this, they'd give a leg and an arm.
Martha had been told she was barren,
and Walter had given up hope too.
Now they had two beautiful boys and
how this happened, they hadn't a clue.
Jamie was the first born, all healthy 
 and strong with long dark hair.
He was a bundle of joy
who showed nary a care.
Jesse came along second, a beautiful baby
He was the smaller of the two.
He was born with Cerebral Palsy.
Oh, what were they to do?
Jamie could run and play,
while Jesse had limitations.
But their parents loved them equally
as they went through life's stations.
The boys were the best of friends
as they would frolic and play.
They were almost inseparable.
This couldn't happen, No Way!
Walter and Martha never compared their boys.
They loved them both the same.
They were both God given.
But people commented, "Wasn't this a shame?"
For Jesse had a lame arm
and also a leg as well.
But his spirit and love abounded.
He was a child of God, so easy to tell.
Jamie got with the wrong crowd
as he hit the teen years.
Jesse got pneumonia and grew weaker.
One of his parents worse fears.
They were people of faith!
And God was the family center.
So they asked  Him, "Oh, why in our
life did this have to enter?"
God answered, "Be still and
wait on me.
The answer is so plain.
Just you wait and see."
So as the boys grew
the parents trusted their Lord.
Therapy for Jamie cost so
much more than they could afford.
The doctor bills for Jesse
continued to pile up so high.
They were about to lose their home.
Their bank accounts were dry.
The Lord said, "Trust Me!
For I always have a plan.
Your boys are safe with me.
What you can't do, I can!
The boys were only a loan,
they belong to me.
You can love them, but
now you must set them free."
Jamie saw his sixteenth birthday
while partying one night.
He was killed in an accident.
His parents are beginning to see the light.
They prayed to God,
to make Jesse well and strong.
"Please let him live,
Don't let anything go wrong."
But god had other plans.
Jesse died shortly after his brother.
Martha and Walter were falling apart.
"Oh why, did you have to take another?"
God reminded then, "They were on loan.
The boys belong to me....
You loved and nurtured them, did your best,
Now it is time to set their spirits free.
Their work on earth is done.
You were blessed by their love.
Now you have beautiful memories.
Keep them tight, like a glove.
Martha and Walter grieved for awhile,
but they knew God was right.
The boys were His, all along.
So they gave up the fight.
Martha and Walter now realize
how very blessed they were.
The children they were given
had caused quite a stir.
Now their life is *still* again
as they enter their golden years.
They talk about their blessings and
memories and they shed a few tears.
But they thank God daily
for the blessings so true.
God didn't give just one.
He saw fit to give them two.
Author:  Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 12- 28-03
Dede's Note:
You know it is amazing how we as parents
try so hard to hang onto our children even
when they are way old enough to be out on
their own. We feel  the need to guide them
even when we know, they will do just fine with
God's guidance. We all need to trust God with
His plan for all our lives as He knows best.
When we lose a child, the hurt feels like it will
never go away, but with God's help, it does hurt
less as time passes.
We have to remember, they are not a possession.
Our children are a gift from God, and He does
take them back when He wants them.
So love  and guide them the best you can,
then leave the rest to God!
He Is The Best Friend We Will Ever Have!






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Song "I Wonder" by
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