I Thank God

Thank God for all the loving things
between just you and me.
For the relationship we've developed
Full of trust and honesty.

For all the day to day
thoughtful, sweet little surprises
For all the promises you keep,
And for the "I love You" compromises.

For the "you'll never know how much I love you."
And the promise to be there till the end
For God, who gave me my soul mate
The person who's my very best friend.

When you smile, I smile too
When you laugh, I laugh right along
When you cry, I'm here for you always
When you are sad, I ask, "What's wrong?"

You can't sing, I'll back you up
I am your best friend, as you can see
When you need a friend, I 'll come real soon
Darling, I love you, you can count on me.

Dede's Note:
Always & Forever My Darling!
This page was written for my wonderful husband
Richard M. Haas






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