H...   is for the wonderful  sense of Humor you possess.
A...   is for how Amorous  you can be.
P...   is for how Proud I am to be your wife.
P...   is for how Patient you are with me.
Y...   is for how much I love You.

V... is for my special Valentine just what you are for me.
A...   is for helping me be All I can be.
L ...  is for the Love that we will always share.
E ...  is for Everything you do simply because you care.
N...   is for the Need we each feel for the other.
T ...  is for the Trust we have placed in one another.
...  is for the love which grows Inside my heart each day.
N... is for knowing that the love we share will Never go away.
E...   is for Eternity, the time I'll spend with you.
S ...  is for how Satisfied & Special you make me feel.

D...   is for how Delighted I am to  have chased you till you caught me.
...  is for Always I will be true to you.
Y...   is for how pleased I am that You are mine.

D...   is for the fact you will always be my Darling.
A ...  is for how much I Admire all your many virtues.
R...   is for how you keep the Romance in our marriage.
...  is for how Loving you have always been.
I...   is for how Interesting you keep things.
...  is for I will Never leave you, my Darling.
G...   is for the third person in our marriage, *God*.
(He will always keep us strong for each other!)

I would like to dedicate this page

to my Loving Husband  Dick

Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas

Copyright: 1-27-04








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