"Dede's Walk With God"

Happy 70th My Darling Hubby


When I was younger I'd watch older couples out
walking, holding hands and wonder about their lives.
They were obviously *sweethearts*
after all these years.
Now here we are doing the same thing.
It's your 70th  birthday.
After almost 35 years together we've never lost
the romance in our relationship.
We've had so much fun together, kidding and playing
jokes on one another, leaving our *Shmily* notes
all over the place, and sharing our special secrets.  Our
times together have been the most treasured times in
my life, and you have and always will be the most
important person in my life.
Since we first met I have fallen in love with you many
times over for many different reasons. 
You came to me with an *What you see is what you get
attitude.* You have always been so open and honest with
me. I respect you so very much for that.
You have accepted my family as your very own. That
has meant the world to me.
When you are talking to our children on the phone, you
are so genuinely concerned and compassionate. You
never cease to amaze me with all the love you have to
give. It seems unending and it sure is unconditional.
I love you all over again when I see the way you interact
with our *babies*, Angel and Baby. It is so obvious how
much they love you and rightfully so. You are the one 
has done much of their care. 
So many times I love just to watch you as you nap, looking
so peaceful and content, knowing full well that all is okay
with you and our Heavenly Father. Your love for Him
is as strong as mine which  makes you even more precious
 to me. I have always needed someone in my life that could
be a strong leader and you sure fill that place for me.
You have a definite way of making others laugh and feel
better when they leave than they felt when they dropped
 by. Your unending sense of humor and jokes go on and on.
That beautiful smile that flashes across your face is such
a predominant attribute that so many love about you.
It is another small reason that my love grows  for you daily.
Mostly, I fall in love all over again when I think of all the
beautiful memories we have made together, falling in love
for the first time, remaining in love through the tough times,
and  still finding more to love about each  other every day.
Then I think about all the wonderful days we have yet to
share and I fall totally and completely in love with you
all over again. After all these years together, you are
still able to surprise me, you still make me laugh, and
when you do these things I realize you are what my life's
all about.
You bring out the very best in me and I love you so much
for accepting me for just who I am and not imposing
expectations that would be uncomfortable for our life. 
Many times when I glance your way,  so much pride
and love wells up in my heart, just because, you are who
you are and I feel so happy  being your wife.
I pray we have many more years to celebrate together
my sweet, precious man.
(Richard M. Haas)
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: August 10-2005


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           "Dede's Walk With God"



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