I am so sad, I need to pray
My friend Lisa died today
Mommy say's she's gone forever
And we can no longer play 

Mommy say's she is now an angel
Up in heaven with You
Why did you take her, God?
Since she left, I am so blue 

She was my very best friend
We were always together
She was always teasin' me
Tickling me with a feather 

We played house and dolls
And brushed each others hair
We played hop-scotch and jump rope
All day without a care 

Please take good care of her
She was so special to me
Can You hug her for me too
And let her sit upon Your knee 

You see, Lisa was only two
And she needs a lot of care
I used to hold her gently
and let her play with Teddy Bear 

Mommy said she had cancer
We used to pray for her
I would sing her to sleep
As we rocked in mommy's rocker 

I trust you so much, God
Tell Lisa, I miss her so
And tell her I love her
I'm so sleepy, I have to go 

Thank you and good night God
I'll talk to you again tomorrow!

Author:  Delilah M. (Dede) Haas







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