Happy Fathers Day To One & All 

A Gift Of Love
( True Story)

We both have this awesome love for children
and we both always want to find a way
to help others if at all possible.

Neither of us, at our age, *need* anything,
 unless it was better health issues.
Whenever a holiday or another special
day came up, we have struggled for a
number of years, prying out of the
other one, what they would like as a gift.

Fathers Day is coming and I once again am
trying to get some ideas as to what my
Dear Man would like, and as usual he says,
"There is really nothing I need."
After a few days, he said,
"If you really want to make me
happy, let me get you the earrings
you have always wanted."

I can't wear cheap earrings as they make
my ears all infected so I have chosen to
wear none for a long time now.
They just never seemed to be a priority.
It makes my hubby happy to see me happy
so I agreed, but that all changed.
We had a case facilitation today for one of
 our foster children and we were discussing
the need for summer school for this child
in order for her to have the credits
she needed to graduate on time with her class.
This was going to be an expensive issue and
the state no longer had funding to cover
such things.
We were going to lunch after the meeting ,
 when I asked if we could stop at the
jewelry store on the way home and
with a smile on his face,
my Dear Hubby replies, "sure."
We drive a few more blocks and he brings
up the subject of the child's need for summer
classes. He says, "Honey, why don't
we pay for the classes our self and just not
say anything, and I agreed.
I then say, "I have changed my mind about
the earrings as it is not something that I
really need, and the money would
definitely be going to a much better cause."
At this point we both have tears of happiness,
knowing God would be pleased with this decision.
After school, we explained to the child that
she would be able to go to summer school
after all. At first there is much skepticism,
 then the barrage of questions come as
to how this was going to get paid for.
We tried going all around the subject,
to no avail. She wanted answers before
she would agree to this.
We knew the truth would be better so we told
her of our plan. At first she was adamant
that this was not fair to me and she wanted
no part of it. She said, "You can't do this,
it is my fault that I have to go to summer school."
Then, all of a sudden, you could see the
facial features softening, tears glistening
in her eyes, a beautiful smile immerges
and the love is shining in her young eyes and
I say to myself,
"Thank you Lord, for answering another prayer."
Happy Father's Day My Darling Husband!
You are one awesome father and husband.
God will always make sure your needs are met.
Author: Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Copyright: 5-27-04



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